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Coosa County Arrest Records and Warrants

Information regarding arrest records and warrants for Coosa County, Alabama can be difficult to find if you aren’t sure where to look. Internet search engines will provide long lists of private search results that require you to pay, and Coosa County itself does not provide an online listing of current arrest warrants or arrest records.

This is partially because arrest records are protected by privacy laws in Coosa County, and also because the departments in control of arrest records and warrants do not place them online. However, the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office does provide a small number of online resources that can help you determine whom has been arrested in Coosa County.

To see a listing of the Most Wanted criminals in Coosa County, then you can browse an online database here: This page also includes images of the perpetrators, as well as the crimes they are wanted for.

The Coosa County Sheriff’s Department also provides an online map that displays all of the registered sex offenders in Coosa County. That map can be accessed here:

If you are trying to determine whether or not there is an active warrant in your name, then you will need to directly contact the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office by calling (256)377-4922, or by visiting their office at 1 School Street, Rockford, AL 35136.

If you are fearful that someone you know has been arrested, you can use the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool to look up any imprisoned person in the state. That tool is located here: