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Coosa County Jail and Prison Records

Many of the counties in Alabama make it somewhat difficult for Internet users to get ahold of information regarding jail and prison records online. Although prison records for those persons no longer in jail are generally not publicly accessible for privacy reasons, individuals whom are currently in jail can almost always be found. Coosa County itself does not provide an online database of people currently in jail there, but there are other online resources for finding this out.

The best place to begin is by simply calling the Coosa County Jail at (256)377-2211. However, the jail may not always be able to spare the staff to look up a particular inmate, and if this is the case you should contact the Coosa County Sheriff’s Department by calling (256)377-4922. Alternatively, the jail and the Sheriff’s Office are both located in the same building at 1 School Street in Rockford.

If neither of these options turned up the individual that you are looking for, then you can try the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool. This tool searches all of the incarcerated individuals in Alabama, including for Coosa County. This tool can be accessed at

Are you looking for statistics of jails and prisons in Alabama and Coosa County? If so, then the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center will be of great use to you. The homepage for the ACJIC is, and they provide data sets such as arrests by county, crimes by county, and many others.

Finally, if you are an employer attempting to perform a criminal background check on a prospective employee, then visit the Criminal Background Check website for Alabama at Please be aware, however, that this requires the written consent of the employee.