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Coosa County Court Records

Searching for court records, no matter where you are in Alabama, can be challenging. This can be even more challenging for counties like Coosa County that do not have a dedicate webpage for their court system. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to access court records for Coosa County, but you will have to do a little bit of digging.

The best place to begin any court records search is with the Probate Court. For Coosa County, this court can be contacted by dialing (256)377-4919. It is generally best to begin with the probate courts in a court records search simply because the probate court system tends to have the most records available for public use. The street address for this court is One Main Street, Rockford, AL 35136.

If the court record you are looking for was not a civil matter and the probate courts were unable to access the records you are hunting for, then you should escalate your search to the Coosa County Circuit Court. This court will have handled almost all of the criminal cases that were tried in Coosa County, and thus should have the appropriate records. The street address for this court is the same as the probate court, and the contact number is (256)377-4988.

Finally, the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library may also be able to help you track down the appropriate records, and they should also be able to inform you of the procedures necessary to access those records. The website for the library is, and they can be contacted via email at [email protected].