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Coosa County Birth and Death Records

While it can be tremendously difficult to find many types of records in Alabama, whether online or off, records such as birth certificates and records of death are significantly easier to find. Birth records and death certificates, like marriage and divorce records, make up a type of record that is called a Vital Record.

These records are so easy to find because they are all managed and maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health. Although marriage and divorce records are freely available to anyone for any reason, there are certain requirements placed on getting ahold of birth certificates and death certificates. This is due to privacy concerns.

In order to get a copy of the birth certificate of an individual other than yourself, you will need to demonstrate that you have a certain level of blood relationship with the person for whom the certificate was originally named. Death certificates have similar requirements, although they are not quite as stringent as birth records are.

Before you visit your local ADPH office, you should visit the webpage for receiving birth certificates or death records. This way, you will know exactly what level of relationship you need to have with the person, as well as any additional information required by the ADPH. This website is The website for death records is

As a final note, the first copy of any Vital Record requires a $15.00 fee, and each additional record is a $6.00 fee. Also, the requirements surrounding birth certificates expire after 125 years, and after 25 years for death certificates, meaning that anyone can then access them.