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Fayette County Arrest Records and Warrants

Because Fayette County, Alabama has a very well-developed online presence, locating arrest records and warrants is an extraordinarily easy process. Although many counties end up requiring that you personally visit police stations or courts to find out this kind of information, Fayette County provides it online so that you can access it at any time.

For a full record of the current inmate roster, you need only visit the appropriate link on the Fayette County Sheriff’s website – This list details each person currently imprisoned at the jail in Fayette County, as well as each of the crimes that they have been charged with. Due to privacy laws, further crimes that they may have committed are not available online, and are available only if you receive consent from the inmate.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department also lists active arrest warrants at This can be tremendously beneficial if you are worried that there may be a warrant out for your arrest, or want to see if there is a warrant out for someone that you know. If you find that your name appears on this list, then you should contact a defense attorney immediately before you proceed.

If you were just looking for statistics relating to crime, whether in Fayette County or anywhere in Alabama, then you will want to visit the Crime in Alabama Overview at the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center at