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Fayette County Jail and Prison Records

Many counties in Alabama provide only the bare minimum of online resources to their citizens – a barebones website, no access to public records or criminals, and certainly not a sheriff’s website that has both an active warrants database and active prison roster. Thankfully, Fayette County, AL is not a typical county.

If you are trying to engage in a jail and prison records search for Fayette County, then the best place to look is right in the prison roster for the Fayette County Jail. This roster, available online at, lists all of the persons recently imprisoned as well as what they were imprisoned for. While this does not detail all of the records of each person, it provides a window into Fayette County.

If you are looking for more detailed prison records, then you will need to request and gain the consent of the person for whom you are searching.

However, if you are looking for generalized, anonymous crime and prison statistics, whether for Fayette County or any other county in Alabama, then there are two state organizations that will be of great service to you.

The first, the Alabama Department of Corrections, provides a number of services. The first is an Inmate Search Tool, which lists all of the current prisoners across the state. This tool is located at The DOC also provides a number of statistics, which can be found here:

The second group, the ACJIC, also provides statistics. These can be used by visiting