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Fayette County Court Records

Despite having an extraordinary sheriff’s office website, finding court records in Fayette County is as difficult as it is in almost any other county in Alabama. Because many court records are protected due to privacy laws or a variety of other considerations, it can be difficult to access them – and they are not kept online.

The best way to access Fayette County court records, or the court records for anywhere in Alabama, is to directly contact the court that holds the record. If you do not know the appropriate court, then the best place to begin is the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library’s Reference Desk. Despite being in Montgomery, Alabama, the Reference Desk of this library has an excellent online database at, and they can be contacted by email at [email protected]. By emailing your question to their reference desk, you will, at the very least, be given your next step.

Alternatively, you could directly contact the courts in Fayette County. You should start by calling or visiting the Municipal Court Office, which can be reached via telephone at (205)932-2086, or by visiting 203 Temple Ave N, Fayette AL 35555. Their website, which details a variety of fines and provides a link to pay for them online, is found here:

Finally, you can contact the Probate Court for most civil matters. The phone number for this court is (205)932-4519, and the address is 113 Temple Ave N, Fayette AL 35555.