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Fayette County Birth Certificates and Death Records

Thanks to the Alabama Department of Public Health, accessing just about any type of Vital Record for Fayette County, or any other county in Alabama, is an easy and painless process. Vital Records, which also include marriage and divorce records, are all maintained by the ADPH.

While other types of Vital Records can be accessed at any time by anyone for any reason, there are requirements placed over birth certificates and death records that govern whom can view them. These restrictions are in place to help ensure the privacy and safety of those they name, and with this in mind, you generally need to be the person named on the certificate or you need to be directly related to them.

For a full list of the details surrounding birth certificates, then visit this link: This is the official webpage of the ADPH. Similarly, you can visit for the official ADPH webpage on death records.

You should be aware that after 125 years has elapsed since the birth of the person indicated on the birth certificate, then that information becomes public knowledge and can be accessed by anyone. Similarly, death records become public information 25 years after the death of the person named.

Finally, if you wish to obtain any type of Vital Record, then you must pay the ADPH a $15.00 fee. If you want additional copies past the first, they will cost you $6.00.