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Fayette County Marriage and Divorce Records

Hunting down official records of most kinds can be challenging at best, and impossible at worst. However, this is not the case with marriage records and divorce records. Under Alabama state law, if you want to know whether or not someone is married, or if they have ever been divorced, then you can find out at your leisure.

This is also made easier by the fact that the Alabama Department of Public Health maintains all records that concern marital status and divorcee status. The ADPH is charged with maintaining all Vital Records, not just marriage and divorce records, and these also include birth certificates and death records. However, birth and death records have certain requirements placed on them for who can access them that marriage records and divorce certificates do not.

If you decide that you would like to inquire as to the marital status of an individual of Fayette County, or any other county in Alabama, then please visit the appropriate ADPH webpage at A similar page that details divorce records for Fayette County, and all of Alabama, can be found at

You should note that although these records can be accessed by anyone at any time, you must pay the ADPH a $15.00 fee for the first copy of any such Vital Record, and $6.00 for each record after that.