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Russell County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Getting your hands on arrest records and warrants for just about any county in the state of Alabama can be an exercise in frustration if you are unfamiliar with the proper channels to go through. Although the government may not always have the best reputation, it is, in cases like this, often best to move through the channels that they have provided before heading anywhere else.
With this in mind, you should begin by visiting the website of the Russell County Sheriff’s Department, located at You should be aware now that this page does not actually detail the arrest records and arrest warrants that are currently in place in Russell County, but you can find a great deal of other pertinent information from it.
Among other details, you can view information concerning the currently-ongoing investigations that are taking place in Russell County at, and you can also see the Most Wanted section of their website at This is the closest that this county has to an online database of active arrest warrants.
You can also find all of their contact information at
If you cannot find the information that you are looking for through the Russell County Sheriff’s Department, then we advise you visit the website of the Alabama DOC. The Department of Corrections hosts a variety of highly useful tools, although we believe that the Inmate Search Tool will be of the most use to you. You can find and use this tool at