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Russell County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

Getting your hands on jail and prison records for nearly any county throughout the state of Alabama is challenging – especially if you’ve never before searched for this kind of record and do not know where to look. Often, the ideal place to start a search for this type of information is directly through the official channels – in this case, the Russell County Sheriff.
The homepage of the Russell County Sheriff’s Department can be located at, and provides a variety of information that deals with official police happenings throughout the county. While this website does not play host to prison and jail records for Russell County, it can be a useful starting point if you are just looking for generic information.
Two specific links will be useful for your search; the Investigations section of their website (, which details ongoing and current investigations, and the Most Wanted section ( Please be aware that at the time of writing, each of these links was under construction, and the information currently present on them may have changed.
If you are searching for a very specific inmate in the Alabama prison system, then the ADOC has a website which will be of great use to you as it can search for any person within the system. You can locate this tool at Additionally, the ADOC has a suite of statistics concerning jail/prison records – while you cannot find out the names of individuals through this, it is useful for looking up broad jail and prison records. You can find these stats at