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Russell County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Searching for birth and death records for Russell County, Alabama? Thankfully, after you’ve read this brief article on finding these kinds of vital records, then you will not need to look any further. While there are many different websites out there that purport to be able to get you these kinds of records, they are utterly unnecessary.

They are unnecessary because the Alabama DPH has already gathered all of these records, as well as all other vital records, in one convenient location. Despite the fact that these records are not stored online, they are nonetheless easy to access provided that you can meet the required identification procedures.

Broadly speaking, all that is required of you will be to show that you either are the person that the birth certificate was made for, or that you are related to that person. If you are that person, then any state-issued identification card will be more than sufficient. To see the requirements if you are not that person, please visit this link

Although death records and certificates of death are not as useful or as necessary as a birth record can be, they can still be key for handling certain things after the death of an individual. You do not, obviously, need to be named on the death record to claim it. You can find all of the actual requirements at

In addition to those requirements, a small fee of $15 is necessary for your first copy, and then another $6 for each copy after the first.