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Russell County, Alabama – Court Records

Hunting down, procuring, and making use of court records, as well as nearly every other kind of official record, can be a tremendous challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. For most people, the process of getting official records is difficult because they simply do not know where to look. The internet itself is often not much help; just searching for the type of record you are looking for + the county will reveal hundreds and hundreds of websites that don’t actually provide that information.
Because of this, it is best to start searching for court records for Russell County, Alabama, directly at the source: at the courts themselves.
One of the best court websites throughout the state of Alabama belongs to the Russell County Probate Court, and you can access it at Here, you can fill out a variety of forms, read up on official court policies, and even see pictures and biographical information of the Russell County Judge of Probate, Alford M. Harden, Jr. At the current time, the Archives section of this website, which in the future should host older court records, is not yet complete.
The Clerk of Circuit Court of Russell County, Alabama also has their own website, which you can access here: As with the Judge of Probate, they do not currently have their records provided online, but you can access these with their request form that is found at