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Russell County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Have you ever been afraid that someone in your life is lying about their past? Who knows why – maybe they are worried that their previous eight marriages will scare you away. Maybe they are worried that you will find out they actually are married and that you won’t want anything to do with them after that.

No matter what their reasons are for lying – or what your reasons are for not believing them – you need to know what your avenue to the truth is. Although we would love to be able to remove all of the doubt from your life and answer all of your questions, we cannot – but we can help you find out the marital status of anyone you like in the state of Alabama.

Thanks to the Alabama state law which allows any person to access the marital records of any other person, you won’t even need to tell the ADPH why you’re looking these records up. All that you will need to do is follow the proper paperwork laws, and then pay the ADPH the small fees that they require.

You can see all of the things necessary to access a marriage record at this ADPH website link: The page that deals with divorces can be found at

The fees for the first copy of these records is $15, and then $6 for each and every copy after that.