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Sumter County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Unfortunately, because Sumter County does not have a website for its sheriff’s office, you cannot simply log onto it to see existing arrest warrants. Sometimes, certain counties do not provide this kind of information online, and instead require people to visit the office in person. It would be best if you thought of Sumter County as this sort of county, and either called their sheriff’s office at (205)652-7984, or headed on down to their office in person at 118 Hospital Dr, in Livingston.
If you’re worried that there’s an arrest warrant out there for you, then you may want to hold off on going directly to the police station. At the very least, you should contact a defense attorney first.
There are, however, other ways to get a hold of arrest records and warrants for Sumter County, Alabama; through raw statistics. The Alabama Department of Corrections plays host to a large series of relevant statistics for prisoners throughout Alabama, and you can find their overview and reports at
Yet another great statistical resource – except one that focuses on crime and not explicitly people already in prison – is provided through the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. This website is also run by the state itself, so you know it can be trusted. You can see their reports beginning at 2009.
A final place to look is at the eForms lookup page of the Alabama Courts. Effective usage of these can help you locate a wide variety of arrest records and warrants throughout the state, as well as for Sumter County. You can find the main page at