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Sumter County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Citizens of Shelby County, Alabama: are you trying to access your birth certificate, or the birth record of someone in your family? If you have spent time hunting down any of the other kinds of official records, whether for Sumter County or any other place in Alabama, then you have probably discovered the unfortunate truth about official records. That is, that they are often deposited in strange, seemingly random places, and it can be quite the challenge to locate them.

Thankfully, in Alabama, the Department of Public Health has all of the vital records that exist. What this really means for you is that if you want access to a vital record, all that you need to do is get into contact with the ADPH and follow the proper protocol. You can see all of the things necessary to do here:

It details, among other things, the exact requirements for who can and who cannot access a birth record; overall, you must be a member of the person’s family, or the person named on the certificate themself. This page also explains the small fees that are associated with obtaining a vital record, which are rather low compared to obtaining other kinds of official records.

If you are looking for information concerning death certificates, then visit this link: They are essentially the same as birth certificates, only the requirements are lessened. However, the fee to get a copy of your record is not.