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Sumter County, Alabama – Court Records

If you’re looking for court records for Sumter County, Alabama, then there is probably a good chance that you are a scholar conducting legal research in one aspect of Alabama or law or another. Or maybe you are trying to figure out exactly why divorce proceedings went so poorly for you, or you are trying to get your adoption records unsealed. Regardless of your reasons, getting access to these records can mean the difference between a life of luxury and ease versus one of toil and struggle.
The best place to begin in a records search for Sumter County is through the actual courts of Sumter County. The District Court can be located at 115 Frank Dial Road in Livingston, and reached at (205)652-2333. The Municipal Court of Livingston, which is the county seat of Sumter County, can be found at 201 Church Street in Livingston, and contacted at (205)652-9773.
Unfortunately, you may run into some trouble getting access to the records you are seeking through these courts – especially if the records are older and the courts of Sumter County no longer maintain them. Thankfully, you have yet another course of action through the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. Their reference desk is an excellent resource for looking up this sort of information. They can best be reached at [email protected], or at (800)236-4069.
Finally, you may wish to consult a government website that deals exclusively with the forms necessary for court records lookup. You can find this web page at