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Sumter County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Do you want to get a new copy of your marriage license, or find the marriage records of someone you know? What about divorce records? If you have fifteen dollars, then access to those records are only a few clicks away.

In Alabama, getting access to anyone that lives in the state’s marital records or divorce records is considered to be your right. Whether you need a new copy of your marriage certificate for the insurance companies or just to hang it on the wall in your living room, you can do so – provided you pay the ADPH $15. Each copy past that first one is $6.

Thankfully, the ADPH also takes all of the pain of finding official records out of the equation by having, on hand, all of the records for people in the state. Where accessing criminal records and jail records and other types of records for St. Clair County can mean contacting dozens of different institutions, you need only contact the ADPH for vital records.

To get started, visit the proper ADPH page at Here, you will find out all of the things that require a marriage record, as well as get further information for how to get all of the records that you want. If it is divorce records that you’re after, simply go here and repeat the process.