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Sumter County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

Getting at jail and prison records for most any county in the state of Alabama can be a huge pain, and unfortunately, Sumter County is no exception. Sometimes, this is due to local laws that prevent certain types of information from being broadcast in such a fashion, although in this case it appears to be purely because of an insufficient website on behalf of Sumter County. In fact, their sheriff’s department does not have a website at all.
However, they do have a street address and a phone number, both of which will be critical in your search for jail and prison records in Sumter County. Their address, should you choose to visit it in your pursuit of records, is 118 Hospital Dr, Livingston, and you can reach them over the telephone lines at (205)652-7984.
Are you just looking to see if someone you know has recently been arrested? Visiting the sheriff’s office at 2am on a Saturday may not help you with that, and they may be busy when you call. Instead, to see if someone you know is imprisoned, simply visit the Alabama DOC’s Inmate Search Utility website, which lists all of the people that are in jail right now in Alabama. This tool can be found at If, on the other hand, you simply want various, numeric-based statistics concerning the prison population of the state, then visit this link: While these reports won’t help you find a specific individual, you can glean valuable insights from the data anyway.